Retaining Your Perfect Smile

Yes! Your braces are off! Feel free to indulge in all the popcorn you’d like. But wait! To
keep it looking flawless, your orthodontist may ask you to wear a removable retainer.
Often, our patients will ask:

Why Do I Need a Retainer?

When your braces first come off, the bone around your jaw is not ready to firmly keep
your teeth in their new position. Your teeth are at risk of shifting every time you bite,
chew, or speak. A retainer is a custom-made mouthpiece that holds your teeth in place
until new bone tissue builds up around them.

How Often Do I Need to Wear My Retainer?

For the first three to six months, you should only take out your retainer while eating after
your braces come off. It may take a few more months depending on your unique
situation. Eventually, you will be able to wear your retainer less often and then only at

Do I Really Have to Wear My Retainer Overnight for the Rest of My Life?

Your orthodontist may tell you to wear your retainer overnight every night for the rest of
your life and that is the ideal. After one year, make this commitment to your smile: Wear your retainer at least a few nights a week to keep your teeth straight, and if your
retainer starts to feel tight, wear it every night until it becomes comfortable again.
Of course, still, schedule regular checkups to monitor any teeth movement. Schedule an
appointment today

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