How Sugary Drinks Affect Teeth

Many people know that candy, cookies, and other sweets have tons of sugar in them, but it’s important to know that drinks are culprits for unnecessary sugars too. In fact, sugary drinks are the top source of added sugars in kids’ diets! Beverages like sports drinks, sodas, fitness waters, and fruit juice have many teaspoons of sugar in them and also harmful acid. Read on to learn what drinks have the most sugar in them!

Worst Drinks for Kids’ Teeth

What drinks have the most sugar in them*? Check out the beverages below to see if any of your child’s favorite drinks make the list!

  • Sunkist Orange Soda – 13 tsp
  • Barq’s Root Beer – 11 tsp
  • Coca Cola Classic – 10 tsp
  • Red Bull – 10 tsp
  • Sprite – 10 tsp
  • Minute Maid Lemonade – 10 tsp
  • Orange juice – 7 tsp
  • Gatorade – 7 tsp

How Sugar Affects Teeth

Sugar converts to acid in just 20 seconds! In just that short amount of time, any sugar on your child’s teeth from food and drink will turn into acid and begin attacking their enamel. Over time, that acid eats away at the protective coating on their teeth and begins to cause cavities.

Are Diet Sodas Okay to Drink?

Though diet sodas don’t have harmful sugars like regular sodas, they’re still extremely high in acid.

Drink Recommendations for Kids

Here are some quick recommendations to help keep your child’s teeth healthy: 
• Children should drink only water between meals.
• Limit milk and juice consumption to mealtimes. Children should have no more than 4
ounces of juice per day.
• Don’t put children to bed with a bottle or glass of milk. Milk contains a lot of sugar and will
essentially pool around the child’s teeth all night resulting in baby bottle tooth decay .
• Young children should not consume sports drinks or diet or regular soda.

You can combat plaque by limiting your child’s exposure to sugary drinks, scheduling routine annual exams, and knowing the right age to bring your child to the dentist. Schedule an appointment today.

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