How Do Braces Work?

Have you thought about how you can obtain a straighter smile so that you can also improve your confidence? If so, you’ve probably considered getting braces to better align your teeth. Braces help mold the shape of your teeth’s alignment, and leave you with a smile that’s white, bright, and will make you want to flash a grin as often as possible. But how do braces actually work to straighten your teeth? What can you do to help the straightening process?

Many people think that once they lose their baby teeth, their adult teeth grow in their place permanently. However, this is actually untrue as the location and position of your teeth are malleable compared to other bones in the body. Therefore, the position of your teeth can shift with consistent pressure.

Braces work by providing constant yet subtle pressure on teeth for a number of months and years through the use of wires, tensions and brackets that are attached to the enamel of your teeth. Over time, the position of the teeth will succumb to the pressure, and move along with the direction that the brackets are directing them.

While braces can help straighten nearly any smile, you may need a bit of pre and post work to help leave you with the best result possible. If you have teeth missing , our dentists at Capital Dental can serve as a natural alternative that will work in conjunction with the braces. After an orthodontist removes your braces, you may also receive a retainer to wear at night to help keep your teeth from shifting back to their original placement.

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Braces seem like a pain in the mouth. But with our experienced dental team, you will have a smile that’s worth it! Capital Dental also has helpful resources for those who are considering braces. It includes helpful tips on flossing and more! If you’re ready to get on the path to a healthier and straighter smile, schedule an appointment today!

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